Termination Policy

Step by Step will terminate a child from the center when necessary. Step by Step will provide parents all pertinent information so the families are well informed on options. Step by Step will give the families the reason for termination as well as at least 3 childcare facilities that may be able to meet their needs.

A child may be terminated from the center for the following reasons:

  1. The child is hurting the other children or staff
  2. The parent is rude or disrespectful to the staff, the other children or other families at the center.
  3. Nonpayment of tuition or fees
  4. Excessive late pick-ups from the center
  5. Not supplying proper medical forms or items requested to provide
  6. The center cannot meet the needs of the parents or the child

Step by Step will do the following prior to the termination of a child’s enrollment:

  1. A teacher with a concern or notation will put it in writing for the child’s file
  2. After several joint observations, the director will schedule a meeting with the parents/guardians to discuss what we have observed and ask for the parent’s/guardians input. The director will make suggestions on different things that may help; referrals to outside agencies if necessary. A written statement of this meeting will be given to the family at this time. A copy of this report will be placed in the child’s file as well.
  3. If a parent issue of non-compliance or the center policies, the director will meet with the family and give a “verbal warning.”
  4. If a parent continues the non-compliance, the director will give two written notices to the family, and then the termination of the child’s enrollment will be implemented.


Farewell at Step by Step

We will discuss in class during morning period, circle time or prior to class ending to help inform other classmates. Class will make a good bye card for the child whenever possible. Have farewell party whenever permitted.