What to expect… 

To help keep safety a priority tours are by appointments only and conducted weekdays after five or  early weekends. We do request for student to be present regardless of age at moment of tour with exception of unborn children. We take this as a good time to engage and connect with the student. You will get to meet your child’s teacher and discuss our schedule along with any goals and questions. We recommend you come prepared with students medical health record and immunization record. These forms are required by state in order to ensure healthy enrollment.  Enrollment packets are filled on spot if both parties are in agreement with contract. Enrollment packets can also be emailed in advance to help save time. I highly recommend this option is available to you. Students enrolling will have their ID photograph taken at the end of our interview. This will become there second home and we request a few items you already use to store for them to use as necessary. There might be items not listed your child might still need to supply depending on there needs. It is very important for every student to keep all items in stock at all times in order to be able to participate in activities or be given the proper care everyone deserves.

Keep following items in stock at all times:

  • diapers/pull ups – bi-weekly
  • wipes – bi-weekly
  • changing mat (for kids with diapers/pull ups)
  • toothbrush – every 3 months
  • small blanket (no bigger than child size, max 2 x 3 ft)
  • Easy on & off shoes (avoid high tops if possible, unless your child can put on their own)
  • Change of clothes – 1 set of clothes including socks in cubby at all times
  • swimsuit – summer use
  • small hand towel or infant towel – summer use


Billing & Payment

Full tuition is expected prepaid the friday before service are rendered despite in-climate weather, illness, vacation  or casualties. We accept payments in the form of cash, check or Zelle. Failure for providing tuition could result you with a fee, penalty and/or termination. We offer teachers discount for those who don’t need our summer use but wish to hold there places for the months of July and August only. Must mention this post for special discount! Enrollments are renewed yearly to ensure documentation accuracy and help maintain communication. Please see Parent Handbook for all billing and payments inquires or email us at LcStepbyStep@gmail.com.