Rules, Policies & Fees

We ask all parents to please label all child items with the child’s name.  We can not resume  responsible for lost items.  Failure to supply materials can result you in a charge &/or warning. For safety precaution parents/guardians picking up the child must be listed on emergency contact. In the event of an emergency you may contact the center 24 hours prior and in addition, send a signed note with child the day of. Late pick up fees are $1 per minute after your agreed upon time has expired. Please be on time and courteous. In order for children to be in the center they must renew their application yearly prior to starting day. A family that receives three strikes will be terminated for failure to comply with regulation and policies. (Please see Parent Hand Book for more information) You are always welcome to visit your child, we would however appreciate a heads up to help keep a healthy flow on class schedule and safety a priority.  In the event that you no longer in need of our services we require a written notice one month prior to termination date. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help and assure everything goes right.

What we need from you prior to starting:

Please bring in a small children’s back pack:

  • diapers/pull ups
  • wipes
  • changing mat (for kids with diapers/pull ups)
  • toothbrush (every 3 months, for kids brushing teeth)
  • towel/small blanket
  • Easy on & off shoes
  • Change of clothes (including socks)

Forms we will require:

  • Child’s health record, shows shots are up to date
  • Immunization record, shows led testing has been done

Billing & Payment

We offer part time and full time care. Our part time consist of 1-3 days a week, while our full time is 4-5 days a week. Our two different clusters helps keep age appropriate activities. Our infants between 1-2 years of age and toddlers between 3-5 years old. Your child will automatically be enrolled to a cluster depending on their age. Payments will be prepaid prior to services beginning. Failure for providing payment could result you with a fee, penalty and/or termination.

            Ages         Part time          Full time
               1-2              $255               $365
               3-5              $210               $325